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North Shore is your preferred source for all types of IC layout design expertise since 1991

Full custom layout is the core mission at North Shore. Our staff has an enormous wealth of accumulated experience, on average in excess of 15 years.

We specialize all of types of analog layout, op-amps, dacs, atods, dtoas, bandgaps, vcos, charge pumps, plls, bias circuits, filters, etc..

We also do digital layout, standard cells, i/o cells, pitched cells and memory's, and other circuits that require hand crafted layout.

We provide these layout services in our offices or at your site. Our services are available on a project basis or a la carte as best suits your needs.

We offer front-to-back analog and full custom IC layout design; also new modules, standard cell libraries, modifications, cost reductions and process conversions for your existing designs.

Technologies in use include Mentor Graphics, Cadence and Stabie-Soft tool flows. Any other preferences? All vendor tools are available on request. Our experience working in virtually all CAD methodologies helps us to serve your special needs.

2201 North Lamar Boulevard, Suite 200, Austin TX 78705
Ph.: (512) 448-1114 ext 100
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